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Internationally acknowledged percussionist, drummer, body music performer, ethnomusicologist and educator, graduated in Ethnomusicology (Italy) and in Traditional Percussions (Greece), Simone’s extremely personal language focuses on sound research and self-expression, finding roots in traditional cultures and interiority, fusing styles and musical idioms.


Event Calendar




My "Calendimaggio" at IBMF 2014



Percussion - vibes with Jacques Marugg



Check out more videos from my last appearance on a Greek state TV music show


BodyTerranean - My first Body Music Album!


The campaign for funding my Body Music LP was successful!!
Huge thanks to all the contributors!


Work is in progress - Mixing and mastering sessions!

Stay tuned!

Visit my Body Music website 


Next Activities



- Mastering sessions in Athens - Greece

Bodyterranean album


Live in Athens - Greece, 7.V.16

with Olìgon

Polymichano Cafè Teatral


- Body Music workshop with children in Athens - Greece, 09.V.16


Live in Athens - Greece, 15.V.16

Southern Italian Traditional Music

Polymichano Cafè Teatral


- Body Music workshop in Athens - Greece, 20.V.16

Polymichano Cafè Teatral


Live in Davos - Switzerland, 21.V.16

with Kafeneion > Rebetiko band from Switzerland


- Body Music workshop with children in Athens - Greece, 24.V.16




Live in Basel - Switzerland, 04.VI.16

with Kafeneion > Rebetiko band from Switzerland


Theatre show in Perugia - Italy, 28.VI.16

Dall'altra parte del mondo




Bodyterranean - Simone Mongelli's Body Music album!

The first Body Music studio work of Simone Mongelli: a "pure body" musical album, with body percussion, voices, beatbox... With great international collaborations & surprises!

Check out the video from a recording session in Italy, with amazing vocalists Bryan Dyer and Raul Cabrera


Stay tuned!


Rhythm & Dance in Crete - Workshops

New dates for 2016!
Spring - Summer - Autumn
GREEK DANCES, BODY MUSIC & GREEK PERCUSSION classes in wonderful Southern Crete. Accommodation included!

Check out!





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