Simone Mongelli

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Internationally acknowledged percussionist, drummer, body music performer, ethnomusicologist and educator, graduated in Ethnomusicology (Italy) and in Traditional Percussions (Greece), Simone’s extremely personal language focuses on sound research and self-expression, finding roots in traditional cultures and interiority, fusing styles and musical idioms.





My album is out!



Bodyterranean (Music without instruments)
has been released!

 Featuring Areti Ketime, Maria Koti, Manos Achalinotopoulos, Max Pollak, Thanos Daskalopoulos and many others... 


Purchase it online:

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Kantu Korpu at IMBF 2013

The last appearance of the band at the
International Body Music Festival




Check out more videos from my last appearance on a Greek state TV music show


Visit my Body Music website 


Next Activities

February 2017

- Body Music workshop in Athens - Greece, 19.II.17



Body Percussion & Voice in Athens - Greece, 19.II.17

Workshop - Ekfrasis 



March 2017


Live in Basel - Switzerland, 04.III.16

with Chef de Kef > folk music band from Switzerland


Live in Rüti - Switzerland, 12.III.16

with Kafeneion > Rebetiko band from Switzerland


- Body Music workshop in Athens - Greece, 19.III.17



Body Percussion & Voice in Athens - Greece, 19.III.17

Workshop - Ekfrasis


Live in Davos - Switzerland, 25.III.16

with Kafeneion > Rebetiko band from Switzerland






Rhythm & Dance in Crete - Workshops

New dates for 2017!
Spring - Summer - Autumn
GREEK DANCES, BODY MUSIC & GREEK PERCUSSION classes in wonderful Southern Crete. Accommodation included!

Check out!





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